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Adams County Cemeteries
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Adams County has numerous cemeteries, ranging in size from large community ones in West Union and Manchester, to small, family plots located on remote farms and alongside roadways. The Ohio GenWeb Archives has transcriptions for some of these cemeteries and many years ago the Adams County Genealogical Society published several books of cemetery transcriptions, dividing them up according to township. I'm not sure if these booklets are still available, but if they are, they are a valuable resource. I own two, one for Sprigg Township and the other for Tiffen Township.

Do you have some links or information especially for the small family plots that dot Adams County, that you would be willing to submit here? If so, please send them to me. If you have photos of tombstones, please submit them to the Adams County (USGenWeb) tombstone photo project at the link above. Transcriptions should go to the Adams County (USGenWeb Ohio) Tombstone Transcription Project

This page was updated on 8 July 2013

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Known Cemeteries in Adams County, Ohio
Unless noted, I do not have locations for these, nor can I do lookups - with the following exceptions:
Those marked Sprigg or Tiffen. Contact me.

Aikens Cem.
Antioch Cem. (Meigs) Partial Listing
Balridge Family Cem.(Tiffin)
Beckman-Jones Cem.(Tiffin)
Bentonville Cem. (Sprigg)
Bissinger Cem.
Black Cem (Green) Photos offiste
Blake Cem.(Tiffin)
Boone Family Cem. (Sprigg)
Bowman Cem. (Sprigg)
Bradford Cem. (Sprigg)
Bradford Family Cem.(Tiffin)
Brush Creek Cem. Photos Partial Listing
Burba Cem.
Burka (Brush Creek) offsite
Callings Family Cem.(Tiffin)
Caraway Cem. (Jefferson) Partial Listing
Cassel Cem.
Cedar Fork Cem. (Meigs) Photos offsite
Chaparral Cem.
Cherry Fork Cem. (Wayne) USGenWeb partial transcript
Cole Cem.
Collings Cemetery (located under the water tower in West Union)
Cooper Cem.
Copas Cem.
Cox Cem. (Green)
Crawford Cem. (Monroe) Partial listing
Crissman Cem. (Franklin) Offsite
Drake Cem.
Dryden Cem. (Sprigg)
Dryden/Moore Cem. (Sprigg)
East Liberty Cem.
Ellis Family Cem. (Sprigg)
Ellison Cem. (Oliver)
Evergreen Cem. (Meigs) offsite
Franklin Twp Cemeteries (a selection)
Fenton Cem.(Monroe)
Fisher Cem. Photos offsite
Foster Cem. (Sprigg)
Flat Run Cem.
Fultz/Warnock Cem. (Jefferson)
Greenlee Cem. (Sprigg)
Grimes Cem. (Sprigg)
Hale Cem.
Hamilton Cem.
Harmony Cem.
Harper Cem.(Tiffin)
Hayslip Cem.

  High Hill Cem.
Hopewell Cem. (Sprigg)
Horner Cem.
Hull Cem.
Independent Order of Oddfellows Cem. (Tiffin) Partial Listing
Jack Family Cem.(Tiffin)
Jacksonville Cem.
Jaybird Cem. (Franklin)
Jefferson Twp Cem. (a selection)
Jones Cem.(Tiffin)
Kelley Cem. (Bratton)
Kimball Cem. (Sprigg)
Kirker Cem.
Lawshe Cem.
Lee-Armstrong Cem.(Tiffin)
Little Cem. (Sprigg)
Locust Grove Cem. (Franklin) One Photo offsite
Lovejoy Cem.(Tiffin)
Loudon Cem.
Louisville Cem.
Lovejoy Cem.
Lowe Cem. (Sprigg)
Manchester Cem.
Manchester Second Street Cem.
Matheny Family Cem.(Tiffin)
Marble Furnace Cem.
May Hill Cem.
McCall Cem.
McCarty Cem.
McHenry Family Cem. (Monroe) Partial Listing
McKenzie Family Cem.(Tiffen)
Meigs Tsp Cem. (Meigs)
Mitchell Cem. (Sprigg)
Moore Cem. (Sprigg)
Moores Chapel Cem. Three photos offsite
Morrison Cem. (Sprigg)
Mount Armenia Cem.
Mount Calvary Cem.
Mount Leigh Cem.
Mount Unger Cem.
Mount Zion Cem.
Naylor Cem. Names of person's buried PDF file
Nesbitt Cem.
Newman Cem.
Nixon Cem. (Sprigg)
Oak Grove Church Cem.(Tiffin)
Oakland Cem.
  Odd Fellows Cem.
Old Infirmary Cem.(Tiffin)
Old Village Cem.(Tiffin)
Peach Mountain Cem.
Pence Cem. (Sprigg)
Point Cem.
Pownall Cem. (Sprigg)
Pumpkin Ridge Cem.
Puntenney Cem.
Quinn Chapel Cem.
Ralston Cem.(Tiffin)
Rogers Cem. (Sprigg)
Sandy Springs Cem.
Satterfield Cem.(Tiffin)
Scott Cem. (Sprigg)
Seamen Family Cem.(Tiffin)
Shelton Cem. (Sprigg)
Steam Furnace Cem.
Step Church Cem.
Stern Cem.
Stone Chapel Cem.(Tiffin)
Stout Cem.
Sunshine Ridge Cem.
Taylor Cem.
Tranquility Cem.
Treber Cem.
Trotter Cem.(Tiffin)
United Brethren Cem.
Unity Cem.
Vaughns Chapel Cem.(Tiffin)
Virginia Cem. (offsite)
Wallace Cem.
Wamsley Cem.
Watson Cem. (Sprigg)
White Oak Cem.
Winchester Cem. Two photos offsite
Winterstein Cem.
Young Cem.