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Please Note! I do not live in Adams County, or even in Ohio, so I cannot do personal research for you. Everything I have goes on this website as soon as I can get it up, usually on the Saturday or Sunday after I receive it. However sometimes, depending on my work schedule, it may take me a while longer.

If you have information you would like to contribute to this site, please send me a note via the form below, and I will let you know how to send your materials/information to me.

Pauli Smith

Pauli Driver Smith  

The spammers have found my contact page and are flooding my email box with trash so I am going to have to close this form. You can email me at:

history "no space" lover2@ outlook.com

Please be sure to put "Adams County, Ohio" in the subject line. I have several genealogy websites so this will help me know which one you are referring to.

Thanks, Pauli Smith
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