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  • Stephen Kelley 1949-2011 (Known as Mr. Adams County Historian)
  • Ermaline Wilson 1917-1999
  • James Paul 1744-1823

  • Village Register Newspaper, West Union, Adams County, Ohio,Tues. 24 Jan. 1826 Vol. III #135 pg. 3 Extracted from Ohio Historical Society Microfilm #34944

    Obituary: – Departed this life on Friday morning, the thirteenth inst. Mrs. Sarah CONNELL, consort of Mr. John R. CONNELL, in the 58th year of her age.  She was served with the short notice of only about 26 hours illness. The skill of an attentive physician with all the force of medicines was baffled by the particular interposition of that God, who first gave her being. She was the mother of sixteen living children, the most of whom surrounded the dying bed of their pious mother, and witnessed that mournful and heart-rending loss that the world can never repair. Seldom indeed has heaven in her various dispensations dissolved ties more affectionate and tender than those which united this melancholy family to their deceased friend and pious mother. For 38 years of the last scenes of her life, she was an acceptable, respectable, and useful member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and much devoted to the doctrines and practice of heart-felt piety and practical religion. In the fluctuating scenes of domestic life through which she was necessarily called to pass, she bore a public testimony of the religion of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She was an example of piety and an ornament to the church to which she belonged. To eulogize departed spirits is not the object of the writer of these lines; but an experience of 30 years intimate acquaintance forbids her silence on the subject of the real merit and worth of her deceased female friend.

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